[ic] bin/makecat won't create database

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
14 Oct 2000 13:39:01 +0200

"Ralph Dorr" <ralph@enetwerx.com> writes:

> Dear Interchange Users,
> First of all I want to say that my Linux knowledge isn't what it used to be.
> I fell by the Linux wayside several years ago and am now finding new ways of
> using Linux. I want to say that Interchange looks like a fantastic product
> and that I was able to successfuly install it once. I installed a fresh
> Redhat 7.0 on a machine. Configured MySQL, and installed the Redhat 7 RPM
> from the interchange website. I set permissions and was able to start the
> interchange service. When running the makecat script it get to the point of
> creating the database and gives this error:
> error: Can't connect to local MySQL Server through socket
> /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111)'
> I have verified that the MySQL Server is running and that the parameters are
> correct.

Try to connect with the mysql commandline tool.


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