[ic] database problem

Hans-Joachim Leidinger jojo@buchonline.net
Sat, 14 Oct 2000 20:51:07 +0200

Christophe Conduche - DA wrote:
> Hi !
> ok. i changed server.pm file and i don't get any more errors on
> interchange error log

Why did you change the server.pm? Your previous e-mail (from Fr. 23.06)
told to me, you are using an Operation System, which print out any
message in france. For example 'Appel système interrompu' instead of
"Interrupted system call".
The message 

> - - - [14/octobre/2000:14:13:08 +0200] - - START server (1209) (INET and

tell to me, you are using an Unix machine. In Unix, it is very easy to
run all Interchange stuff for the special user (for example
"interchange") and set the localization of this user to the language
"English". You can't be sure, there is a _one_ file only (Server.pm) and
what is, if you get a newest Interchange version?


> but, I still have a problem :
> the database that was created (when running makecat) is empty. the
> database has been created, but not the tables.
> how to create tables and populate database ?
> why has it not been done when creating the demo catalog ?

This is unclear! It seems to me, you want to use any SQL table?
If yes, this is another story! At the first time with Interchange, try
this fine program without any special wish like SQL and make sure,
Interchange runs fine and you can visit the demo shop well.

> i think it's why i can't access the custoner area and go further more
> than the first page in the admin side...
> nothing in the database. the scripts fail...

If anything is going wrong, look into the error.log file of Interchange
_and_ catalog first to get more informations or hints.
> i'm bored to read in order to find where to read to find the solution.
> is there a documentation project for interchange ?
> but i still think it's a nice tool. i'm starting to understand how to
> customize a catalog. there are many powerful features.
> i'm in such a hurry to test it...

This is a problem. Interchange is very complex at the first time,
because there are many kind of causes, to get any kind of problems.
Without any more Information in detail, it is difficult to help you.


-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------