[ic] Another credit card authorization question.

Gregg Fabbri gafabbri@yahoo.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:32:37 -0700 (PDT)

If this post seems a bit repetitive I apologize.  I
have gone back and looked at the archives and still
have some questions.

I want to use a different credit card authorization
vendor other than cybercash.  I have looked at
authorize.net and like what they offer.  Here is my
logic, by all means please correct me if I am way off
base.  Cybercash requires me to have my own SSL server
which I really want to avoid.  The cost of a secure
server and certificate really turn me off.  It looks
like with a solution like authorize.net I do not need
an SSL server and would use their secure server for
credit card authorization.

Is anyone really using authorize.net?  I noticed one
posting about a perl module that someone wrote.  If
there is a working perl module how can I get it?

Also, are there any other providers like
authorize.net(they provide the ssl server) that would
integrate easier with Interchange.   I am not hung up
on authorize.net  but would like something like they

Additionally, I would welcome any opinions as to why I
should not use something like authorize.net and why
cybercash would be much better.  One plus for
cybercash is that it is integrated with Interchange

Please feel free to let loose your real opinions.  I
have a pretty thick skin so do not worry about hurting
my feelings.



Gregg A. Fabbri

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