[ic] How to update with CVS

Zachary Matthews zac@mediapc.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 14:10:19 -0700

I am wondering if someone can explain the process for successfully  
updating interchange using CVS

Here is what works:
1) I have created a directory ~/src

2) I ran 'cvs checkout -P interchange' to download the software

3) I successfully made the tardist, installed interchange to a directory
~/interchange, and got the demo catalog working.

Now I want to update using CVS:
1) I ran 'cvs update' from ~/src/interchange, and successfully
downloaded the updates (there seemed to be many updated files)

2) I made a new tardist, and ran the ./configure script and installed a
new version of interchange in a directory called ~/interchange2

3) I did a 'diff interchange interchange2' to see what had changed.

Is there a better way to proceed than simply copying files from
~/interchange2 to ~/interchange?  If instead I simply run ./configure
and install right over the old ~/interchange, won't this erase files
that have some of my configuration prefs, such as interchange.cfg?  Are
there other files that shouldn't be replaced?

I looked through the mail archives and the README.cvs, and I can't seem
to find a good explanation of the process.

Any help is most appreciated, and would probably benefit many other CVS
novices such as myself.