[ic] price_group with commonadjust not working

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 17:09:26 -0400

I'm running a shop under MV4.04a.  The client has just added a new product 
line to their shop that has a quantity break if you order 24+ of any of the 
products in this new batch.  I sifted thru the docs and the mailing list 
and came across the price_group thingy.  I added a field called 
price_group, left this key blank for all my existing products and put all 
these new products in this group.  I also added a new q24 field with the 
price-break.  I changed the commonadjust line in my catalog.cfg to read 
like this:

CommonAdjust    pricing:price_group,q3,q24, ;products:price, ;$

The q24 pricing takes effect if I order more than 24 of a particular sku, 
but doesn't work if I order 10 of one thing and 14 of another in the same 
group.  Also, if I order 24 of one thing, I get the break on it, but not on 
any of the other items in my cart of the same group.

My normal q3 price-breaks are still working fine for everything else, so I 
must not have screwed things up too much.  Any idea what I've done wrong?

Eric Paul
SpellBook Systems