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We have been using Minivend for about 3 years now.  Recently we 
upgraded to V4.04a and have multiple catalogs running just fine 
(flypage included).  Last week, we installed Interchange V4.5.7b.  
Everything worked OK in our existing catalogs...except the flypage 
capability.   When a request was made for a page that doesn't 
exist (via the [page] tag), a "[sku#] not found" error was  displayed 
rather than initiating the flypage.   No changes were made to the  
catalog.cfg files on those existing catalogs after the upgrade to 
V4.5.7b. And, this same error was also displayed with the 
construction example site which was installed with the new 
V4.5.7b install (the flypage did not work when clicking on the 'more 
info'  link for a product, but items could be added to the cart).   We 
then switched back to V4.04a and the flypage worked fine again in 
the existing catalogs.  Probably something simple we are 
overlooking with the new install???
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