[ic] External Payment Method - Banca Sella

Valerio Santinelli valerio@got.it
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 16:07:04 +0200

Is there anybody who tried to configure InterChange (or MiniVend) to use
Banca Sella as an external payment system ? (it's an Italian one)
I think it's similar to others around the world. The main process is like:

submit a form to a page on the bank's server with some codes and the bank
asks the user for credit card data. Then, after evaluating the card and
making the transaction, their server bounces the user back to an address
(specified by us) with some parameters on the URL.

I'm currently working on the construct demo and trying to to interface the
checkout pages with this payment method but I don't really know where to
start from !?

Is there anybody willing to help me ?
Thanks in advance!

Valerio Santinelli
Register.it Support Team


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