[ic] Credit card encryption error

Dave Barr dave.barr@cricinfo.com
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 16:49:16 +0100


>  > Hi again Sonny,
>>  Thanks for that... it helped me to do a quick sanity check as I
>>  wanted to ensure what was being parsed and again to ensure that I had
>>  passed all the relevant data. It appears I am.
>>  The only error (bar the one generated by [error std_label="Credit
>>  card information" name=mv_credit_card_valid] - "Credit card
>>  encryption failed") is in the Interchange error.log;
>> tWJiVrSt: - [16/October/2000:15:23:11
>>  +0100] cishop /exec/cishop/process.html Encryption error:
>>  Which isn't all that helpful   ;)
>>  I'll keep working away until I get it fixed, thanks again for your help!
>>  Dave
>Try adding a debug line to your encryptor:
>	gpg --always-trust --batch -fa -r you@yours.com 2>/tmp/debug_gpg
>The problem should be logged there. If you run the program as shown from
>the command line as *the user ID which runs Interchange* you should also
>see the problem.

Debian 2.2.17, MySQL 3.22.32, IC 4.5.8(CVS), perl 5.00503, GPG 1.0.1

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your reply, man, what a couple of days... I tried your 
suggestion. But I need to explain that this problem has started with 
the 4.5.8 distribution, prior to that PGP had worked perfectly well 
with the following as the ENCRYPTOR:

/usr/local/bin/pgp -feat barrd@cricket.org

No matter what I try, it just keeps breaking... I needed to change to 
GPG anyway (PGP was only valid for non commercial) so I have done so 
in the interim, ENCRYPTOR is now set to:

/usr/bin/gpg --encrypt --armor -r barrd@cricinfo.com

But having never used GPG before that 'may' be wrong (the change of 
email address is deliberate). I ran your suggested command and it 
generated the following (in tmp/debug_gpg);

gpg: Invalid option "-fa"

Nothing more was added after yet another failed encryption attempt 
with the CC details.

I may wait till 4.5.9 and see what happens (if ENCRYPTOR is not set 
it works OK)
Thanks again! - Dave


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