[ic] Credit card encryption error

Dave Barr dave.barr@cricinfo.com
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:32:00 +0100

>The gpg params you (Dave) have are correct.  -f does not appear to be an
>option.  I usually use gpg -ear somebody, which is equivalent to what Dave


>  >
>>  /usr/bin/gpg --encrypt --armor -r barrd@cricinfo.com
>>  But having never used GPG before that 'may' be wrong (the change of
>>  email address is deliberate). I ran your suggested command and it
>>  generated the following (in tmp/debug_gpg);
>  > gpg: Invalid option "-fa"

Thanks Sonny. Its nice to get a verification - I'm completely lost at 
the moment and not sure wether its me / IC / "or a global conspiracy 
out to get me"  ;)

I'll start again tomorrow


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