[ic] Premature end of script headers?

Jeff Maxwell jeff@crossvalley.com
Tue, 17 Oct 2000 18:43:26 -0400

I just installed interchange 4.5.8 onto a second test machine and the 
installation went fine except that I get this error when I try to 
enter the store.

I have another old (a few days) installation on a similar machine 
that works fine. Both are from CVS. The machine that doesn't work is 
from a cvs update this afternoon, the other is from a few days old.

I have removed everything and reinstalled and still get the same error.
Is it possible that something went wrong when I made a tarball to 
install on the second machine?

[Tue Oct 17 15:52:43 2000] [notice] Apache/1.3.12 (Unix) 
mod_ssl/2.6.2 OpenSSL/0.9.5 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Tue Oct 17 15:58:09 2000] [error] [client] Premature 
end of script headers: /var/lib/apache/cgi-bin/demo
Jeff Maxwell