[ic] Thousands of error logs in .gz format

Greg Heath greg@pacifictech.com.au
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 14:23:01 +1000

Sorry about the virus comment. I was making reference to a self replicating
entity, not a slur on unix.

All I'd like to know is if this has been corrected in the current shipping
of this product.

Other people I have put onto MV are now aware of this problem, but I feel
little things like that effect the reputation of a product (or service for
that matter).
I found the product to be advantageous to my clients wanting a cart that can
grow with their online business.

>As for deleting your logs, rm -f error*.gz should do you.
Actually to many files for rm to handle. Had to use.
    for i in /var/log/minivend/*;do rm -f $i; done
This works as it only passes one file at a time to the rm command.

Greg Heath <mailto:greg@pacifictech.com.au>