[ic] Starting from scratch Anglaised Example Cat

Greg Cope greg@rubberplant.freeserve.co.uk
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:22:13 +0000

Dear All

I am considering using Interchange as the basis for a shopping cart as
it is excellent - Thanks Mike / Akopia.

I am thinking of either anaglasing one of the examples (or are there any
english as in British examples avaliable ?) or starting from scratch.

I am tempted to start from scratch as this appears the best way to
learn, and I am a {perl|web} && {developer|admin} by trade, so this
should be straight forward.  The only issue is one of time.

What I want to know from anyone whom has started a catalogue from
scratch was it worth while ? Or should I just use Construct.

Also are there any British / European example catalogues avaliable as I
would love to pinch a few ideas.


Greg Cope