[ic] Error when trying to add new item

Linux linux@norwesters.net
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:35:33 -0700

It worked.  I'm not aware of any mixing of source that would of caused 
this.  I did a CVS download, created the archive, expanded it into a fresh 
folder, then installed it.

The odd thing, is that I seem to remember this function working the first 
time I went into the admin area, then it died.  Is there any way that this 
could have been caused by a change through the admin interface?  Before you 
had posted this fix, I added a second store and the problem was present in 
that one as well.  It would be nasty if an edit in one store can effect the 
operation of all of the stores.

-Ray Collett

At 05:37 AM 10/18/00, you wrote:

>Hmm. Apparently you have not got the right catalog_before.cfg file in the
>Interchange root. We should tolerate that -- thanks for finding the
>Add these lines to INTERCHANGE_ROOT/catalog_before.cfg:
>Variable UI_PRODUCT_DIR    products
>Variable UI_PRODUCT_TABLE  products
>The only way I can thing that this happened is mixing a CVS update
>with something else.....