[ic] Oracle vs MySQL

Rob Zimmerman rob@readysite.net
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 21:57:38 -0400

I must admit I am a convert from the ascii file dbs of the old mv. As such I 
just started reading  a MySQL book to assist my efforts. I installed PHP to 
take advantage of all the nice interfaces to MySQL for admin functions so im 
in no real hurry to change db systems, BUT since I have Oracle available to 
me maybe I should install it and try it out.  Im running on SunUltra/Solaris.

Are the admin features user freindly to an sql novice? 

Thanks for your answers, much appreciated!
> Rob,
> Scalability, integration with existing oracle database apps,
> transaction/rollback capabilities,high availability through software like
> replicated server to name a few.
> Jason
> > I have both these databases available to use. I have been working with
> > MySQL, is there any overwhelming reason to use or try Oracle? I see it is now
> > on the CVS makecat for construct.
> > 
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> Jason Burns
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