[ic] Can i use http post for payment verification?

Cameron B. Prince cameron@akopia.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 08:14:19 -0500

Yes, you can do this. What you will need to do is create a Global Sub that
uses LWP to submit the form and wait for results.

Sonny Cook and I coded a module for iTransact that does just that. I have
copied him on this note so maybe he will post that module to the list. It's
on his machine right now. You should be able to modify the iTransact module
to fit your payment gateway's form.

Good luck,


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Subject: [ic] Can i use http post for payment verification?

Can Interchange support http post method for payment verification? I am
using www.paydirect.com.my as the hosted payment server. It uses hidden
field in the shopping cart to post merchant information, order id, billing
to paydirect system. Users key in credit card info at paydirect pages and
upon successful or failure, they are redirect back to my site. Here are the
compulsory hidden fields for paydirect system to work.

1) MerchantApprovalURL
2) MerchantUnApprovalURL
3) MerchantReturnURL
4) TransactionType
5) CurrencyCode
6) FullTotal
7) Merchantname
8) MerchantEmail
9) OrderID

Any one have any idea if these can work with Interchange?

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