[ic] Customers Are NOT placing orders

Beriah Dutcher beriah@webuildpcs.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 10:48:10 -0500

Hey Everybody,

	Got another problem or suggestion. I noticed while looking at the
statistics on the Reporting->Traffic->By Day for this month and noticed lots
of ppl were placing things in their carts, but not going through with the
order. Well I had a customer email me and tell me that he thought that it
would be nice to know what the shipping is before they put in all their data
for their card and what not. I saw that on the processing page that their is
a place that it reports the shipping charge before a customer goes through
the order process but it says $0.00. Even if you are a repeat customer. Like
myself I made a username and account and filled in all my information and
when i get to the processing page it has in the items area a place to select
where to ship this to and 'primary' is selected. But no shipping charge is
displayed in the 'totals' area. Why is this????

If you dont understand what I am talking about. go to www.webuildpcs.com and
go throguht with making an account and putting items in ur cart BUT dont
process the order just get to that page.