[ic] Customers Are NOT placing orders

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 11:47:22 -0400

A guess...

The default shipping method is not a valid shipping method as defined in 
shipping.asc, hence the zero being returned.


At 11:48 AM 10/19/00, you wrote:
>Hey Everybody,
>         Got another problem or suggestion. I noticed while looking at the
>statistics on the Reporting->Traffic->By Day for this month and noticed lots
>of ppl were placing things in their carts, but not going through with the
>order. Well I had a customer email me and tell me that he thought that it
>would be nice to know what the shipping is before they put in all their data
>for their card and what not. I saw that on the processing page that their is
>a place that it reports the shipping charge before a customer goes through
>the order process but it says $0.00. Even if you are a repeat customer. Like
>myself I made a username and account and filled in all my information and
>when i get to the processing page it has in the items area a place to select
>where to ship this to and 'primary' is selected. But no shipping charge is
>displayed in the 'totals' area. Why is this????
>If you dont understand what I am talking about. go to www.webuildpcs.com and
>go throguht with making an account and putting items in ur cart BUT dont
>process the order just get to that page.
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