[ic] SSL and basket/checkout problems

macky@OpusVL.com macky@OpusVL.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 18:16:14 +0100

Hi All,

I  am still having problems using ssl with interchange. These are the
same problems as i have had with minivend so i thought i would try
installing ic as default from fresh then just adding the https server to
discount any config error on my part. (It happens!!)

I am using apache with virtual hosts. The ssl certificate is installed
on the main domain name and  interchange is installed on a virtual host
with a different domain name. (Trying to use a shared ssl cert)

when I access the main domain (http://www.notsecure.com) I can add to
the basket and all seems fine.
The checkout is set as always secure so when I follow the link it takes
me to the secure server (https://secure.securedomain.com) but without my
basket items.

When I access the secure URL, a new cookie is set with the session_id.

The reverse lookup of the domain names do not return the correct domain
name (as it is a shared IP) could this be the problem?

Things tried:
Suggestions in the faq ( Shopping cart is dropped when using SSL.) but
this has no affect.
Different browsers also.
CookieDomain www.notsecure.com secure.securedomain.com
Option to send the sessionid accross in the URL is now disabled in
interchange by default. I have tried with this enabled but no

The catalog does not see the session_id that has already been set. so
sets a new one  I am getting quite desperate so anyone who can give me
any hints to try and I will be grateful.
I have searched through the docs and mailing list many times and tried
many things.