[ic] Help ! Pls! -> Account,Payment,Specials

UNIX unix@websenter.com
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 10:16:12 +0200

Hi .

I'm new 2 interchange.
I would really appreciate your help !

1.what i'm trying to do is a shop in Norway only for Norway. (so i don't 
need all the countries and so on)
My first problem is that i want to let ppl to set if they are Dealer or not 
(and get the discounts) when they set up a new account and couple other 
fields like "Club Name" and "Club Leader Name". I did something in 
userdb.txt (and remove the userdb.db) but i have problems.. Is there a 
"normal" way ?

2.Second the payment is only COD. i changed that in admin and still uses 

4.I need in Specials only the products i select myself. I did that by 
marking  it Promotion in Merchandising. The problem is that in Specials 
appear selections from all the products. Do i do something wrong here ?

Thank you all in advance....