[ic] Upgrading From 4.5.6 To 4.5.8...

Cameron B. Prince cameron@akopia.com
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 16:25:21 -0500

Hi John,

I have ran into the same problem with the category forgetting itself. I will
add this to Bugzilla. Thanks for reminding me... :)

As for the missing fields on the new item page, why not just add the fields
you need that aren't there?

As for your other issue with the upgrade, I think Mike mentioned some
changes in the meta data, your lack of including the news ones to the old
products dir under the catalog may be your issue.

Good luck,


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G'Day Folks,

Has anyone else had problem upgrading from 4.5.6 to any newer versions?

First I moved the old 4.5.6 source tree & install directories out of the
Then I took a fresh 4.5.8 CVS tree, compiled it and installed it from
The only thing that was left the same was the catalog directory.

When I first fired it up it complained about 2 static directives in the
catalog.cfg file. I fixed those and then it started fine.

However when I went into the UI, the screens were just messed up and when
you go
into the item editor, instead of all of the choices being there, there was
Interchange if statements there.

Any ideas? Since now this catalog is going to production, we are finding
some of
the bugs in the 4.5.6 editor, and it is making data entry a pain. Since you
to enter the new items, then edit them in the table editor to get the
fields from the item editor page. Then constantly re-entering the category
it keeps forgetting it...

John Beima

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