[ic] Cybercash - OrderID problem.

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 21:55:44 -0400

AFAIK, CyberCash generates the number because the MCK/IC interface doesn't 
have the ability to set the CC Order Number.  At least all my shops running 
on MV3 and MV4 and IC that use CyberCash always have the CyberCash 
timestamp-style number associated with them.  I put a custom field in on my 
recepts and reports so I log that number to make it easy to crossreference.

Please, someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and there's an easy 
way to change this.


At 03:46 PM 10/22/00, you wrote:
>Been looking over the boards but am still at a dead end.
>I was able to finally get cybercash almost working by referring to this 
>However, something is going wrong with the order ID and I have not been 
>able to figure out why.  It looks like interchange 4.7.7 is not passing 
>the order ID to cybercash correctly so my interchage order number and 
>cybercash order numbers do not match up.  Cybercash looks like it defaults 
>to a timestamp order number.
>When I test with the Cybercash cgi program directly I am able to define 
>the order number but as I said this is not working with interchange.  Has 
>anyone else seen this problem.
>PS: I posted a previous message on SSL and buying a certificate and was 
>talked into it,  thanks Eric.  I found equifax is selling server certs for 
>$79.00.  Beats the $800 for a verisign cert.  Here is the link if you 
>care. <https://www.equifaxsecure.com/>https://www.equifaxsecure.com/

Eric Paul
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