[ic] Administrators by Affiliate

Casey R. Tweten crt@kiski.net
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 22:48:55 -0400 (EDT)

I will have many affiliates using my site.

I'd like to have one administrator for every affiliate.
That administrator will only be able to dable in his own stuff.

Affiliate sells nails.

The affiliate will only be able to adminisstrate things dealing with his nails
* Get reports by his business
* Change prices/features/sales for his nails
* Change postal prices ( Not that important, really )

What he can't do is:
* Change the look of the site
* Anything that doesn't directly deal with his products sales

It isn't obvious to me how to proceed other than hacking the Interchange core,
which I don't want to do unless really necissary.

print(join(' ', qw(Casey R. Tweten)));my $sig={mail=>'crt@kiski.net',site=>
'http://home.kiski.net/~crt'};print "\n",'.'x(length($sig->{site})+6),"\n";
print map{$_.': '.$sig->{$_}."\n"}sort{$sig->{$a}cmp$sig->{$b}}keys%{$sig};
my $VERSION = '0.01'; #'patched' by Jerrad Pierce <belg4mit at MIT dot EDU>