[ic] a few questions...

Toni Mueller support-ic@oeko.net
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:19:21 +0200


[ I would have tried to research developer.akopia.com first,
  but presently can't reach it, so... ]

we're working on a small shop in IC 4.5.8 (from CVS) with
a plugged-in basic, taken from MV4.04 that we modified to
use an SQL data base. We found that there can be mixed
lines in the shopping basket. Eg., perusing basic,
5 separately ordered items, eg "Red Canna", on accumulated
to one line, and two different (or equal) T-Shirts,
each on one line, setting mv_separate_items in the
appropriate places in flypage.html.

Question 1: What values should this variable have?

We had '0' or '1' with no effect, and '2' that would
collapse several identical entries, but found nothing
in the docs.

These items are handled in different parts of flypage.html,
so we set this variable to 1 in one part and 2 in the other
part, but ultimately it would be nicer to extract this info
from the data base, imho, as an attribute in the products
table. I don't know how hard this would be to implement,
but this would then go in the backend (order processing)
and not some frontend (mml web page).

Question 2 was certainly answered several times, but I
miss the solution/can't currently find it: After
ordering something through the checkout page, there are
entries in the data base (ie, table "orderline"),
but when looking into the admin interface, one can
see nothing. How to diagnose?

The third question for today is also popular :(
When surfing/shopping w/o cookies, I can continue
until I hit the flypage. When I order the item
displayed, I get: "Interaction error. Something
has gone wrong, and we did not receive the response
we expected from your browser. There was the following
problem: No action passed for processing 

Note on common causes of this problem: ..."

It says it maybe can't determine the session id which
is nonetheless displayed in the URL line of the browser
like this:


The server currently runs only on port 2000 and has no SSL
enabled. Therefore the secure server was specified to be
exactly the same server than the non-secure server in the
catalog.cfg. When I proceed to the non-secure checkout
page, it says "shopping basket empty" (or what we have
there in German), though.

I'm sure there will be some short answers to these
convoluted questions, and possibly simply pointers
on where to read up on this.

Btw, I home that developer.akopia.com will come back
online soon, preferably with a searchable archive... ;)


Best Regards,