[ic] Upgrading from MV4.04a - Minimate -> UI

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
24 Oct 2000 23:33:32 +0200

Randy Moore <ramoore@axion-it.net> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to figure out how to upgrade from MV 4.04a to Interchange 
> 4.5.8.  I have a couple of stores that have been very highly customized, 
> including changing field names in userdb, transactions, etc.
> The stores themselves seem to work fine, but ...
> Since Minimate doesn't seem to be available, it looks like I need to 
> configure the UI stuff to understand the changes to my database structure.
> Is there anyplace I can find hints for doing this?

I don't know, but in case you find nothing, just start with concrete


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