[ic] Administrators by Affiliate

Casey R. Tweten crt@kiski.net
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:49:03 -0400 (EDT)

I'm assuming, by the lack of discussion, I'm off my rocker?

Think of this as a mall with no signs.  All the stores can play with their
merchandise but they can't change their appearance.  And all the customers think
it's one big store but in reality it's a bunch of stores mixed into one.

Today around 10:31am, Casey R. Tweten hammered out this masterpiece:

: Today around 12:53am, Strider Centaur hammered out this masterpiece:
: :     Wouldn't it just be allot easier to set them each up there own catalog,
: : that way they all get a separate admin, cant affect changes on each other, and
: : then link them at the top level so that it appears as one massive catalog?  
: : All this is easily done with interchange.
: If what you're talking about is really a massive catalog and not just an index
: of catalogs then that's one step closer.
: A better example.
: Affiliates:
: Target
: K-Mart
: Aims
: Each of them can change their merchandise but not the site.
: If: Each of them have a catalog
:     AND
:     it's transparent to the user who just see's one catalog the whole time
:     THEN
:     that's exactly what I want.
: :     The hard part would be the limiting them so they cant change the layout,
: : the admin tool only has one level of security from what I can tell and that
: : allows them to edit the html pages.  I may be wrong in this and would love to
: : know if I am.
: I thought this would be the easy part.  Create an administrator with limited
: permissions and keep the super user to myself.

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