[ic] bug in [error] tag ?

Guido Sohne guidosohne@yahoo.com
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 07:42:43 -0700 (PDT)

I posted earlier but had no responses so I am being as
specific as I can in hope of someone being able to fix
or explain this, as the case may be.

Here's some food for the bug swatters ...

It applies to the construct demo currently running on


1) Buy some items and proceed to checkout
2) Do not log in
3) Fill out all shipping address fields except 
   for day phone number. Do not fill in any billing or

   credit card information fields. I used a country
   other than US/Canada, I did not test for that case.
4) Click on Place Order

You should see this message

    There were errors in your last submission. 
         They are shown in RED below. 

and above that

               Not Logged In

and below, nothing is in red, anywhere. Even though, 
day phone is a required field and credit card 
information is also required.

Next you,

1) Delete the contents of another required field in
   shipping address such as city.
2) Click on Place Order again.

Funnily enough, you get the same messages as above, to
the effect that you are not logged in and error
messages are in RED. The field label for City is now
in red and says (blank). However, other required sets
of fields such as Credit Card Information are not
flagged as errors in RED.

I thought this error message display was supposed to
happen to day phone number as well since the field
label is

   [error name=day_phone label="Day Phone" required=1]


1) Fill in all the shipping fields correctly but 
   omit out credit card information
2) Click on Place Order

You should see the usual messages but now Credit Card
is flagged as expired.

Why don't all the error messages appear consistently
and as might be expected ? If I want this behaviour,
how would I do this ?

If this is actually a bug and not a feature, I would
be most glad for the fix to be explained in the
mailing list so that I can fix my Interchange copy
(4.5.8) without having to get the CVS version since I
don't have internet access on my development machine.

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