[ic] How can I construct a full URL

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You will have to consider the possibility of loosing a session when you
leave the Interchange site. Unless the user has a cookie, when they return
to Interchange, it won't recognize them by default, and their basket will be

So you really have some architecture issues and questions to answer:

1) Will my site only support cookies?
2) Will I cause Interchange to fully complete the sale before sending them
to Pocketpass and then pass back an argument to confirm payment and show a
3) What if they don't return?
4) How will I store the session and retrieve it once they return?
5) How will I confirm the authenticity of the argument being returned? / Is
it secure?

In short, in can be done, but will require some work.

You can even use the LWP module to cause Interchange to go to the Pocketpass
site as if it were the user and authorize the payment for them, all in the
background before showing the receipt page.

This is how the iTransact module works. No worries about lost sessions,
because the customer never leaves the site.

However, in your case, if the Pocketpass changed the page, it could break
the module.

I am sure Sonny and I both would be interested in how you handle this and
we'll try to assist you as best we can.

Good luck,


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Dear list,

I am working on integrating Interchange with Pocketpass payment
system.  Pocketpass payment system require that Interchange redirect the
shoppers to a special page hosted on Pocketpass server where shopper can
enter his username and password to authorize the payment.  After the user
authorize the payment, Pocketpass server will redirect the shoppers to a
success/failure page.

How can I construct a full URL for the success or failure page?

Also,  Pocketpass need to pass some information back to Interchange.  How
can I access these information?

Any help on these matter would be greatly appreciated.


Khai Doan

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