[IC] UI_IMG Directory

Craig Oettle craig@ecsinconline.com
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 20:15:16 -0500

I'm running RedHat 6.2 professional and Interchange 4.5.7.  I have IC
installed and working fine on the main server and also a couple of virtual
hosts, except for one small problem.  I'm using the following directory
structure in httpd.conf:
main server document root    /home/httpd/html
virtualdomain1 document root    /home/httpd/html/virtualdomain1
virtualdomain2 document root    /home/httpd/html/virtualdomain2

I'm using IP Virtual Hosts.  The catalogs work fully including processing
orders.  The problem is the graphic images under the admin section don't
appear.  They do appear for the main server but not for any of the virtual
domains.  The UI_IMG directory uses /akopia/ui for all catalogs.  I have
played with this for several hours and also searched the mail list to no
avail.  I have tried changing the directory path but it has no affect.  If I
change the document root to /home/httpd/html in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
for the virtual domains then the UI graphics appear when you access the
admin pages but of course the page that's displayed when you access
http://www.virtualdomain.com is the main server instead of the virtual
domain.  I would appreciate any help or suggestions.


Craig Oettle