[ic] MAGJOR New Account BUG!!!

Beriah Dutcher beriah@webuildpcs.com
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 09:27:24 -0500

Hey Everybody,

	Well, my interchange web is doing good. Been getting 200 hits a day and
LOTS of items placed in baskets. However, FEW orders placed. I equated this
to first, the lack of a Secure Cert, second the price of shipping, then
yesterday I found a slight problem. When I got the secure thing fixed and
the shipping was dropped all the way to EXACTY what UPS charges we were
STILL not getting orders.  So I had a phone order yesterday and asked the
customer to go through the web and place an order(gave him 5 bucks off his
purchase :) ) He called back with the problem at hand. When creating a new
account either fromt he login page or the processing page link. The new
account page fills itself in with the data of LAST person that created an
account!!! Very VERY bad. This gives out the person address and phone and
EVERYTHING. I have not figured out why this is happening so I thought I
would write the list.