[ic] scratch variables in search conditions (Was: How can I override ProductFiles?)

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
26 Oct 2000 14:29:41 -0400

"Cameron B. Prince" <cameron@akopia.com> writes:

> Use the admin UI and go to the Design tab.
> Select the area/category and change the link-type to complex search.
> You'll need something like:
> fi=products
> st=db
> co=yes
> sf=category
> se=Chargers
> ml=10

Thanks for taking the time to point out something so easy.  I have
been doing most of my page design stuff from the text editor rather
than the UI.

I tried the above and it worked great (of course).  I used this complex

This returned the limited search I was expecting.  Now the twist is
that I want the search equal for addl_category to be a scratch
variable.  Something like this:

se=[scratch addl_category]

This doesn't work because it actually tries to find an addl_category
that matches the literal '[scratch addl_category]'.

The documentation says that the variable mv_last stops interpretation
of search variables.  Does this relate to what I'm trying to do?
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