[ic] Double Byte char problem through Interchange

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Fri, 27 Oct 2000 22:42:06 +0900

I have same problem on double byte character in UI.

In case of Minivend4 and Minimate, I changed (commented out)  the
$text in Minimate user tag "display" and "row-edit". At that time,
Minimate can
 display , insert and update Japanese double byte code very well.

But UI of Interchange, I could not find good solution.
I tried to modify the encoding code in UI/usertag/display, but I still
be unhappy.
When enter Japanese double byte characters, Interchange UI encoded
all of high-bit characters. For Japanese(it may be same as Chinese), it
should not
encode any high-bit characters.
Japanese characters code are assigned area \200 - \377.

Do you have any suggestions?

Kida Netbusiness

> Quoting Andy Cheng (aylcheng@hotmail.com):
> > Hi,
> > I'm using Interchange 4.5.6, RedHat Linux 6.2, and MySQL 3.22.32 in
> > system.  I've proved my MySQL DB supports chinese characters (which
> > double byte encoding).
> >
> > My Interchange admin interface can actually manipulate chinese chars
> > I'm using a Chinese OS, but Chinese chars cannot be displayed when
I'm using
> > an English OS even I selected the Encoding method to be Chinese Big
5 under
> > my IE 5.5 browser.
> >
> > Anyone got any idea?
> >
> > Is there any configuration file(s) in Interchange I've to play
around with
> > it?
> If I knew anything about Unicode I could make suggestions, but
> I don't. I am afraid I am unlikely to be of much use in that
> regard.
> There are probably a few gotchas in the code. There are just a few
> situations where I use [A-Z] as a character range, and since I am
> loath to give up support for Perl 5.005 at this point I cannot
> use the new 5.6 unicode-friendly classes. For the most part, I try
> to use idiom which could be generic, but since I don't use the thing
> I must rely on others to help.
> Basically, I think we need to find a super-Perl hacker who knows
> Chinese and Japanese and who can help me get over the last few
> steps.
> It would be helpful if there was exact information on what the
> problems are -- for instance is it:
>   -- displaying info in a text box?
>   -- getting the SELECT boxes to retain their value?
>   -- problems with TEXTAREA?
> etc.etc. Some of those could be dealt with via the prefilter and
> filter capability of the UI.
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