[ic] Nested-IFS and Inner-IFS keep breaking

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
28 Oct 2000 09:40:30 +0200

"Houman Akhavan" <houman@edigitalweb.com> writes:

> The following is a search page which is running on Interchange v4.5.6. After
> the third nested if this breaks. I have tested it as a single nested if and
> it works. I am just checking to see if my syntax is incorrect for the
> if-statement. The Construct store really doesn't have any nested-ifs in its
> pages, and the docs don't say much about them either.  Also, it breaks when
> you use logical operators more than once, such as [AND ...] and [OR ...].


> Page Contents:
> [if value make eq "Make"]
>         [if value model eq "Model"]
>               [if value year eq "Years"]
>                    <br>select make you haven't select anything<br>
>               [else]
>                    year
>               [/else]
>               [/if]
>          [else]
>               model
>          [/else]
>          [/if]

First, for nested ifs you are better off with the addition of [then],
but I suggest to use embedded Perl for sth like that.


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