[ic] Akopia works for about 3 minutes, then the interchange server quits

Cameron B. Prince cameron@akopia.com
Sat, 28 Oct 2000 18:21:22 -0500

It would be very helpful to have a look at the information in both the
catalog error.log and the global error.log.

It's difficult to guess what you may be running into with the info you

Good luck,


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I have some basic knowledge of UNIX.  We are using a Linux Redhat 6.1 server
with Apache 1.3.4.  I installed the Interchange software without to much
hassle.  I had to install it as the root user, then I switched to one of the
virtual domains for the catalog setup.

I have checked the permissions as the documentation suggests.  I have tried
everything, but can not get the software to run for more than 3-4 minutes.
Everything works perfectly, then it just quits.  I have to go in and restart
the interchange server.

I would be grateful if anyone has any ideas on what I could try to stabilize
the software and get it to run.  I am also open to paying a consultant if it
would be necessary.

I have looked at several shopping cart packages out there and I will have to
say that Akopia seems to be the best that I have seen.  Thank you in advance
for your help.

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