[ic] auto-numbering

Martin Kisser martyk@gmx.de
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 00:09:25 +0100

First of all i want to say to all the IC-developers a big "thanks" - the
4.6.0 is a realy good release - fast installation and good features!

Only one modification of the "construct" i had to do after installation of
4.6.0: I had to add "[tag flag write]merchandising[/tag]" in the top of the

Now the question: how does the "Auto-Number"ing function works (esp. how to
get it working) - i use just the default databases and if i try to add a new
entry in the "area" table via the admin-interface it doesnt work, unless i
give the field "code" (=ID) a value by myself. But in
dbconfig/default_db/area.dbm is an entry with "auto_number". Why doesnt' it
work? Where are the "counterfiles" stored (if they will)?

In the mv_metadata table - do the contents of the "prepend" and
"append"-fields get interpolated?
Is ist poosible to set a default for a text-field? In which column?

Has someone tried to integrate the "paybox"-payment-system into IC?

Thanks for reply,
Martin Kisser