[ic] Re: IC 4.6.0 and development

Heinz Wittenbecher heinz@bytedesigns.com
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:00:30 -0800

Just my 2 cents, but here goes:

I have IC running on RH 6.2 and 7 and do most of my editing on Win2000 using
Homesite from Allaire.

I'm on the same network as the Linux boxes, so I have the advantage of
Samba, but Homesite has excellent ftp upload/download so that it appears
almost as a connected drive.

Best of all, Homesite does not mess with the ic/mv tags.

I also do a fair bit with vi directly.

FWIW - Heinz

> I edit by hand with the text editor I feel like that particular day.
> Steve
> Hansraj Pankhania wrote:
> > Hi All, After months of trial and error and constant messages to this
> > group, I have finally managed to get the current version of
> > interchange installed. My next request for guidance is:- 1) What
> > editor or html program do most users of interchange use to develop
> > their site.