[ic] does anyone use high traffic settings?

Sim Zacks Szacks@co.wayne.mi.us
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:12:01 -0500

Does anyone use high traffic settings? 
I am having a lot of problems whenever I switch to it, but the site seems very slow when i don't use it. 
My most recent problem is pages are sticking. When it happens whatever page I'm on, and no matter what I link I click to it just brings that page back up. The URL changes to what it should be, and when I go to admin and reconfigure the catalog it works fine until the next episode. 
It did that on the receipt page, and I went to the site with another computer and it brought up the receipt on that machine too, no matter what other link I clicked on.
I switched back to low settings and everything is working fine now

Does anyone have any thoughts.