[ic] Installation Help

marcel marcel@multimake.com
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 14:17:34 -0300

For whay you are saying, there are a couple possibilities:

it is ZIPed or TAR-Gziped?

if it's zip, then you won't be able to extract it, as it seems that there's no

unzip on your server.
You should unzip it locally, tar it, gzip it and then upload. (or upload
uncompressed but that would
take a LOT longer).

$ unzip interchangewhatever.zip
$ mv interchangewhatever.zip /somewhereelse
$ tar -rf interchangewhatever.tar *
$ gzip -9 interchangewhatever.tar

ready to upload. the file "interchangewhatever.tar.gz"

if it is ALREADY a tar.gz, then you should use GUNZIP, not unzip.

$ gunzip -dc interchangewhatever.tar.gz | tar xvf -

ready to install.

$ cd interchangewhatever
$ ./configure.

for installation, I really encourage you to read documentation because it asks
lots of questions
and most of them you should ask to the administrator if it isn't your server.

("whatever" stands for "-4.5.8", "4.6.0" or what ever version you try to

Michael Iqbal wrote:

> I have just downloaded interchange and I am very confused.  I have read the
> documentation and its states that I need to have perl 5.005 or higher
> installed on the server.  I currently have an account with Netcom and so I
> gave them a call to find out if perl was installed.  The tech informed me
> that the latest version was on my account.  I asked what type of permission
> I had on the account and he said FTP.  I had transfered the file in its tar
> format on to the server and tried to use the unzip command.  This was
> unsuccessful.  So the question is this.  What do I need to do to install
> this on the server.  Do I have to untar and unzip the package locally and
> then ftp it to my account. Then do I simply run ./configure and it should
> work, or am I missing something.  I would really like to get this to work.
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