[ic] CyberCash 3.2 and Interchange 4.5.5 problems

Ben Humphrey ben@humphrey.net
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 14:27:16 -0700

Thanks Mike!

Your hint got me going on the right track - by making sure that
MV_PAYMENT_MODE doesn't get initialized in the catalog.cfg, the
&credit_card routine (with or without the "keep" parameter) doesn't get
called at all from etc/profiles.order and the CyberCash calls get made


> Quoting Ben Humphrey (ben@humphrey.net):
> > I'm still not getting cpi.card-number passed to CyberCash.  I believe
it is
> > getting removed after encryption in Vend::Order::encrypt_standard_cc
> > though I have set CreditCardAuto to No in catalog.cfg and have made
> > that "keep" follows "&credit_card=standard" in etc/profiles.order.
> >
> > I have not yet implemented pgp, hoping to do that after I get the basic
> > communication layer working, so perhaps that's my problem.
> This shouldn't be it, but try removing the &credit_card line completely
> from the profile (I am sure you know you need to "Apply
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