[ic] Assessing interchange

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
03 Sep 2000 02:59:53 -0400

"Marcus" <lists@wordit.com> writes:

> 2) In general, how much time should I put aside to learning how to:
> Stage 1) Setup and integrate Interchange with a custom design?

I have just finished setting up my first site.  So, I feel like I can
accurately access this.  My partner and I spent a total of about 50
hours getting the first draft of the site done.  This is a good draft,
so it will only need minor tweaking now.  However, those little
details can eat up a bunch of time.  Before my partner started helping
me, I spent probably about 15 hours just trying to figure out how to
start (meaning getting a demo catalog installed to start modifying,
make changes and see them take effect, other misc getting started

Others may be able to do it faster.  I have several strikes against
me.  First, I'vee been running fairly sleep deprived for about two
weeks.  Second, I've never done an e-commerce site before.  So, I'm
wasn't familiar with the design/implementations of e-commerce
packages.  All my experience was in just static html and my own
perl/cgi single pages.  Prior to starting, I had spent about 50 hours
doing site design on paper.  This included database design/data
modeling.  However, the database design was thrown out because it
wasn't compatible with minivend.  Even still, the experience was good
because we understood out data very well before starting.

> Stage 2) Add functions such as customer reviews or extended customer
> correspondence?

I'll tell you in a week or so.  I have a fairly significant mod to
make that is probably on this caliber.
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