[ic] Interchange + PostgreSQL results in error 505's (premature end of script headers)

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 14:01:02 -0400

Quoting Dan Browning (danb@cyclonecomputers.com):
> OK.  I feel totally retarded.  I've wasted the last several weeks of my
> life.
> My installation of DBD::Pg was hokey.  I forgot to set POSTGRES_INCLUDE and
> POSTGRES_LIB environment variables to /usr/include/pgsql and /usr/lib/pgsql,
> respectively, before running my automated perl module installer script on
> it.
> Pgsql+Interchange works great for me now.  Would anybody be interested in a
> "case study"?  I'm running it on rh62 on a dual zeon 550 (512cache/ea) with
> 6 ultra160 cheetahs on a mylex acceleraid 352 (Raid 0/1 for full-speed
> writes), and 1gb RAM, and 5 network cards (4 in FEC for 400mbps).

There is something wrong with the userdb.pgsql setup in the 4.5.5 distro
for Postgres. Basically, if you take all of the NOT NULL out, it will
work. I still don't understand how NOT NULL works in Postgres, and no one
has been able to elucidate it. It appears to me that if you do

	INSERT (username,password) INTO userdb 
		VALUES ('user', '');

that it will error out on NOT NULL. This is at odds with my understanding of
how it should work; NOT NULL appearse to be the moral equivalent of "NOT BLANK".

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