[ic] OT/Mailman instead of Majordomo?

Rob Zimmerman rob@readysite.net
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 20:38:27 -0400

Im a curious why the switch to Mailman from Majordomo? I  know it is off 
topic but I am and others might be interested in your response and most 
place your admin decisions in high regard.

On Interchange note, my upgrade from MV3.12  is progressing albeit slowly. 
I have added the PHP connection to assist with Mysql and found that much 
easier fix currupted tables I screwed up while testing. 

Now that I am pleased with the demo "simple" performace I will begin to 
trnasfer the mv3.12 internal database catalog  to run as an 
Interchange/MySql catalog with no graphic layout changes to the demo, then 
next I will start to change the site graphics. 

I am going to use the "barry" demo canned for another site transfer. I like the 
look and it fits the catalog. 

I do note on the website a "new look" to the simple catalog. You guys in the 
contruction business now ;-)

Many thanks team Akopia,