[ic] converting Excel to Mysql :-)

Rob Zimmerman rob@readysite.net
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 22:37:30 -0400

In my efforts to upgrade and my all around general lazyness ( I spend more 
time working on shortcuts than if I where to do it long hand) I have tried 
numerous methods to convert and import my ole Excel database for mv3.12 
to my new MySql system including but not limited too, dumping Excell 
toAccess (truncates discription fields), DBF and all sorts of various txt 
version then tried using converters from the contrib of MYSQL to import them 
to the new table. Nothing is working at the moment even closely,so..does 
anyone have a canned method for setting up Excel db's to import smoothly 
into a MySql table?

Many thanks,