[ic] Solution: Cybercash 3.2 and Interchange 4.5.5 Problems

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:39:39 -0400

Quoting David Hamann (dhamann@hamanntech.com):
> Solution: Cybercash 3.2 and Interchange 4.5.5
> This process worked for me. Cybercash and Interchange are now working on
> my redhat 6 system.
> Thanks to Ben Humphrey, Homestead.com and Mike Heins.

This may work for you, but it is not the recommended way.

I will be removing the clutter of MV4/MV3 compatibility and CyberCash
2 from Interchange and the demos, which should make things clearer.

The recommended way is:

# These are the defaults, but you can set them if you want
CyberCash      No
CreditCardAuto No

Variable CYBER_CONFIGFILE /your/merchant_conf
Variable CYBER_VERSION 3.2

# Whatever your mode is, probably doesn't make any difference
Variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE mauthonly

That is it. Once you have CyberCash installed and tested and
adjusted so it can be found in the INTERCHANGE_ROOT/lib tree
or your regular Perl library, then it should work with the
standard C<checkout_profile>.

And if you are using multiple payment gateways and can determine
that in the checkout page, all you would have to do is something

[if scratch payment_signio]
[comment] Set the SIGNIO payment stuff....[/comment]
	$Variable->{MV_PAYMENT_MODE} = 'custom signio';
	$Variable->{MV_PAYMENT_ACCOUNT} = 'your_accnt';
	$Variable->{MV_PAYMENT_SECRET}  = 'your_passwd';
	return "&charge=$Variable->{MV_PAYMENT_MODE}";

If you want PGP/GPG encryption of the card to be saved to a database,
then just set EncryptProgram to the right call and it should automatically

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