[ic] interchange 4.5.5-1 install problems

Mehmet Yousouf mehmety@auslin.com.au
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 08:56:03 +1100

Some days are diamonds, some days are *!#!!#*. I spent 14 hours diligently
going through the documentation, error logs, config files, reinstalling, making
new catalogs, setting up with MySql etc...... still could not get the ui to work
properly..... I have found a couple of problems with the rpm install .. 
1. a symlink is created for error logging per catalog but the file is not
2. The Daemon does not restart properly  with "/etc/rc.d/initd/interchange
restart"- it doesn't seem to know that interchange is running... PID file is
there though.

Oh, and I found out what caused my problem ...... I had set my browser not to
accept cookies ..... intelligent != mehmet

Regards, Mehmet

     On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, you wrote: > Hi,
> I am TRYING to get interchange to work on my system  (mandrake 7.1).
> I have tried the tar file and after installing, the site works OK, but
> can't access the admin site, I get an error that the page was not found.
> When I try the rpm install, I can access the admin side but I can't
> change anything, e.g. when I go to the items page, and select an item to
> edit, I get an error admin/special/table_violation was not found.
> What am I doing wrong???
> Regards, Mehmet
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