[ic] Follow up to FormAction question

Randy Moore ramoore@axion-it.net
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 19:24:03 -0400

At 07:04 PM 9/11/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Quoting Randy Moore (ramoore@axion-it.net):
> > Hi again,
> >
> > Sorry for following up my own post, but I forgot to explain why I'm trying
> > to use FormAction.  Maybe there is a better way.  Any suggestions?
>Your problem is that you apparently don't understand that the Perl you
>are writing is:
>         under Safe protection to some degree
>         the same as the embedded Perl in the [calc] tag.
>         called from the package Vend::Interpolate.

Agreed.  I'm pretty good at extending an example, but I don't really 
understand how the userland Perl & MV Packages work together.

>If you want to write some docs that will elucidate that, you are welcome;
>I hope that we will be producing an Interchange programming guide shortly
>which will detail some of these things.
> >
> > I'm actually trying to use a 'profile' to validate form fields before a
> > customer is allowed to add an item to their basket.  In other words, 
> unless
> > the customer provides good values in a form, they can't add this 
> product to
> > their basket.
> >
> > I couldn't find a simple way to do this, so I decided to create a
> > FormAction that would evaluate a 'profile' and only if the profile
> > succeeded, process any items ordered on the form.  I took the logic for
> > this (with many changes) from the 'submit' formaction defined in 
> /bin/minivend.
> >
> > Here is the real FormAction I want to use:
> >
> > FormAction item_profile <<EOR
> > sub {
> >          my($missing,$next,$status,$final);
> >
> >          # Set shopping cart if necessary
> >          # Vend::Items is tied, remember!
> >          $Vend::Items = $CGI::values{mv_cartname}
> >                  if $CGI::values{mv_cartname};
>Here is your problem. You are mixing $CGI::values{key} with $CGI->{key}. The
>second is appropriate in this context.

Actually, this is the point of my first post this afternoon, the 
$CGI->{key} form doesn't work either.

This very simple example (taken mostly from the docs) does not properly set 
the nextpage:

      FormAction item_profile <<EOR
      sub {
                 $CGI->{mv_nextpage} = 'index';

> >
> >          if (defined $CGI->{mv_order_profile}) {
> >                  ($status,$final,$missing) =
> >                          check_order($CGI->{mv_order_profile});
>The check_order() function will not be available to you. You can
>         $CGI->{mv_todo} = 'submit';
>         $Tag->update('process');

But, as I understand it, this would cause and mv_order_items to be 
processed BEFORE the order profile is evaluated. And that is exactly the 
problem I'm trying to get around.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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