[ic] Setting up new CyberCash merchants...

Eric Paul epaul@spellbook.net
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 14:29:24 -0400

Thanks.  I finally got in touch with CC tech support and it turned out that 
the bank never finished setting up the account, which is why I never got 
the info I needed.  Finally got it ironed out about an hour ago.  What a 
mess :P

If only people would actually DO the things that they are supposed to do :P

At 02:20 PM 9/12/00, you wrote:
>The CCID Keys etc. are given at the end of the registration process along with
>your username and password to access the Cybercash account administration web
>Your credit card is not billed until you 'Go live' so it is free while you are
>developing in test mode, which is the default for new accounts.
>Its all pretty painless
>Print the info they send you and stick it in a safe place for future 
>Eric Paul wrote:
> > This might be a bit off-topic, and I apologize in advance...
> >
> > I am setting up a new MiniVend 4 site for a client.  They contacted their
> > bank to setup a CyberCash account on top of their existing merchant
> > account.  When the bank contacted me to tell me everything was set, they
> > did not give me any of the info I need to setup the Cash Register 3
> > software.  No CCID, no HASH Secret, no Merchant Key...  I called them up to
> > ask about this and they had no idea what I was talking about.  I went up to
> > CyberCash's website and went thru the procedure I used to use 6 months ago
> > for creating a new merchant, but the screens are all different and they
> > want a credit card number that they can bill to before they'll finish
> > setting up the account.  This seems odd since the bank supposedly set all
> > this up already.  Has anyone dealt with creating a new CyberCash account
> > since CyberCash changed their development parter programs?
> >
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