[ic] Strange error with Cybercash and MV4.04a

Todd Benson todd@ehawaiigov.org
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 12:50:54 -1000

This is a solution that I was given, perhaps it will work in your situation:

This process worked for me. Cybercash and Interchange are now working on
my redhat 6 system.
Thanks to Ben Humphrey, Homestead.com and Mike Heins.

Set up a test account with CyberCash.
Download the CyberCash Merchant Connection Kit.
Test it successfully through their cgi pages

Move all the CCMck...pm files, and MCkencrypt, MCDecryptpt,
coputeMDHash, and merchant_conf files,
that came with the cybercash merchant kit, into the minivend lib folder.

Replace three of  them with the ones linked to at
http://minivendcybercash.homestead.com/index.html (they are updated by
cybercash inc. to work with
minivend). Be sure to remove the .txt extension.

Look through all the files you have copied over, and change the path to
the Encrypt, Decrypt and Hash to
be the new locations in the
minivend lib folder (ie:
  $MCKencrypt = "/usr/local/minivend/lib/MCKencrypt"; (Make sure these
are really the locations of the
$MCKdecrypt = "/usr/local/minivend/lib/MCKdecrypt";

Make sure the location of the merchant_conf file is set correctly in
your catalog.cfg file.

Set your catalog.cfg file payment options like this:

# This sets up the new payment charge mode in Interchange 4
# You set it to "custom name", where name is the name of a GlobalSub
# that performs the charge operation. If it is not "custom", then
# it will use the CyberCash routines.
# "minivend_test" is special, and the demo order profile
# works with the demo order form to test
#Variable  MV_PAYMENT_MODE   minivend_test

# Uncomment to use creditCardAuto if you want, now handled better in
# order profiles with "&credit_card=standard".
#CreditCardAuto      Yes

# These are usually all you need for CyberCash 3
# Uncomment and edit to suit; make sure you remove CreditCardAuto
Variable         CYBER_CONFIGFILE
Variable         CYBER_VERSION       3.2
Variable         CYBER_MODE          mauthonly

Variable         MV_PAYMENT_MODE     mauthonly
CreditCardAuto   No

# The old CyberCash stuff still should work, but use the above
#CyberCash        Yes

This seems to be contrary to what the on-line reference material says!
Remove all references to
in your profiles.order file found in <catalog-home>/etc directory.

For example comment out the two lines with a hashmark.

[elsif variable MV_PAYMENT_MODE]
#&credit_card=standard keep __CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED__
&charge=[var MV_PAYMENT_MODE][cgi mv_payment_test]
&set=mv_payment Real-time ([var MV_PAYMENT_MODE]) Credit Card
[elsif config CyberCash]
&charge=[var CYBER_MODE]
#&credit_card=standard keep

That should do it.

Eric Paul wrote:

> I have successfully integrated CyberCash a number of times with MV3.  This
> is my first CyberCash/MV4 install and I'm having a weird problem.  I may
> also have complicated things by upgrading to the latest version of the MCK
> (mck-  The checkout fails, re-writes the
> checkout screen twice, and I get this message in the error log:
> [12/September/2000:16:57:13 -0400] fibero /cgi-bin/fibero/process.html
> Fatal error on charge operation 'mauthonly': open2:
> open(GLOB(0x8cbcccc), >&main::STDERR) failed: Bad file descriptor at
> /home/mv404/lib/CCMckDirectLib3_2.pm line 403
> I know the CyberCash account is working, I processed some auths manually
> thru the MCK-demos.  MiniVend finds the CyberCash libs when it restarts, so
> I'm fairly sure that's not the problem.  Any idea what I've done wrong?
> Eric
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