[ic] Interchange semi working INET

Geoff Sinfield geoff@sinfield.com
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:50:11 -0600

I have been ripping my hair out for 10 hours now trying to get interchange
to work...I have it semi working at the moment, but I still have problems...
http://www.citygroup.ca/barry is the store that I am trying to setup...I
just want to get a feel for interchange before I actually start working with
it... My problem is that after the main page, all the links have the machine
name instead of the actual web address. You will see this when you go to the
site, Enter the shopping cart and then click on a link, it is using geoff
for some reason...Any ideas.

I am running E-Smith Server and gateway http://www.e-smith.com which is
based on redhat 6.1 but it is missing some of the "suggested" modules. I
have the store running at the moment using INET and the default database. IS
anyone else running e-smith with interchange?