[ic] adding javascript for silly mouseOver effects on menubar

argonaut molasses naugahyde@earthlink.net
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 17:15:40 -0400

Hey all,
    Granted this is a trivial endeavor, but I've been trying to figure
out how to add some javascript to the BARRY demo
in order to achieve a simple mouseOver image swap on the menubar.
Basically I have a toggleImage function defined
in the <head> section of ../catalogs/barry/config/logobar, and it needs
to be called inside of an <A href=""> tag with
onMouseOver="toggleImage(imgname,array_position)" ... & certainly it
does work in a static html page.
    What I'm stumped by is how to add this to the definitions of each
[area] item that is pulled into the menubar - while I can edit the URL
field in the Area table and thereby replace the 'whatever' in
'href="whatever"' with a javascript function ,  I can't see how or where
to add the onMouseOver="toggleImage()" & onMouseOut="toggleImage()"
calls that I need to the [area] item.
It can't be in the URL definition,  external or otherwise, as that is
evidently just parsed out to retrieve an X for href="X".  Nor can it be
added to the Image  properties field (doesn't do anything).   Anybody
know how to pass such extra arguments to the [area] items or otherwise
access the code that ultimately writes out the full <A href="URL"> tag
associated with each item???

Thanks in advance,
    Josh Simpson