[ic] BUG REPORT: Interchange CVS admin interface has broken gif links

Jon Jensen jon@akopia.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 15:03:26 -0500 (CDT)


> A quick look shows that the gifs are supposed to be located on
> http://host/akopia/ui/navigation/B3_b.gif.  But bin/makecat never generated
> that, so there's the problem.

I believe that's what Mike Heins was talking about in his announcement:

> There are still some deficiencies, notably the images that should be
> in your DocumentRoot sub-directory akopia/ui are missing from the
> install, and you will have to manually copy them from the
> interchange/share directory.

We're working on getting the installer updated.

> Also, I plan on doing a lot of work with the source, what is the best way to
> stay up to date on the status and the best way to make bug reports?  What's
> the best way to submit patches?  If this bug isn't already fixed, I would
> write a patch for it.  Can we setup a bugzilla install -- I've always liked
> working with bugzilla.  (http://developer.akopia.com/bugs coming soon).

We were actually using bugzilla with Tallyman, but are probably going to
use something else with Interchange that our support department will also
be able to use. For now, bug reports and patches should just go to the
interchange-users list.

Sorry for the inelegance.